The Outer Worlds Releases On Switch In March

The Outer Worlds
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While the fans of Nintendo Switch are still celebrating the release of amazing titles on the handheld console, published Private Division has revealed that their recent open-world RPG game, The Outer Worlds, is also launching on the Switch in March.

The Outer Worlds can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop for $60. Private Division also confirmed that physical copies of the game will not contain a game cart. Instead, it offers a downloadable game code. However, the published has not yet revealed the install size of the game.

The Outer Worlds launched on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in October of last year. It received a lot of critical acclaim for its excellent writing and interesting characters.

The announcement is exciting, but we are still waiting to see some gameplay footage of The Outer Worlds on the Switch to see how the game actually performs. We are also excited to see how Obsidian Entertainment will play around with The Outer Worlds' graphics to make the game playable on the Nintendo Switch. Of course, we don't expect the game to present the same striking image quality as seen on the PC or console versions of the game, but since games like The Witcher 3 and DOOM took a graphical hit, it will be interesting to see what Obisidian Entertainment can achieve.

While still on the topic of The Outer Worlds, let us run you through some interesting stories regarding the game. Obsidian is currently working on DLC for The Outer Worlds, which was confirmed when the developers thanked and celebrated their nominations at The Game Awards. If you own an Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can pick up The Outer Worlds on your PC or Xbox One right now.

Fun fact: Just before The Outer Worlds released, Obsidian was acquired by Microsoft. Therefore, we believe that the game will continue to be a part of Xbox Game Pass for a long time.

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