The Outer Worlds Has A Brilliant Fix For Its Tiny Text Issue

The Outer Worlds
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Despite being a really amazing RPG game, The Outer Worlds had a minor text issue that ended up bugging many players. However, Obsidian has finally figured out a solution to fix this issue in a quite unique way.

Obsidian's Nate McDorman shared a video of the fix on his Twitter account and he said that the update will be coming to all versions of The Outer Worlds within a week. The tiny text issue has been a nuisance since the beginning of the HD gaming era. Although it isn't a problem for those who have their screens close to their face, moving a few feet away from the monitor can actually cause difficulty in reading what's being displayed on the screen. In many cases, tiny text can also become a big accessibility barrier.

There are several games that give you options to toggle the text size, but McDorman has something more incredible. He has added a text size adjustment slider in the options menu of the game.

Once the update is live, you will be able to adjust text size in the game to your liking.

Now, you might be wondering why Obsidian took such a long time to implement this feature? Well, we could just say that game development is not an easy task and a lot of things have to be taken into consideration when implementing any feature.

Although it could have been a very quick change, the bigger text size could have ended up breaking the game or taking up a big portion of the screen and coming in the way of the gameplay.

In addition to adjusting the text size, the same update for The Outer Worlds will also enable multiple quest tracking on the map and support for ultrawide monitors for cinematics and loading screens, among others.

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