Outer Wilds Will Finally Launch On Steam This June

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Outer Wilds

The Edge of Tomorrow-like video game, Outer Wilds, is finally making its way to the biggest game store on the internet. Developed by Mobius Digital and published by Annapurna Interactive, Outer Wilds launched on PC via Epic Game Store in May 2019. In a couple of months, the one year exclusive deal with Epic Games will end and the game will launch on Steam on June 18.

Outer Wilds is a really weird game. Not to be confused with The Outer Worlds, Outer Wilds places you in an alien world where you have 22 minutes before the sun blows up and destroys the planet. This is a trial and error game, as you will be sent back to the same world and the 22 minutes clock will start ticking again. In every playthrough, you will learn new things about the world by interacting with the environment and ultimately will find out why you are stuck in a loop. Do keep in mind that you will die multiple times before making any real progress, so don’t just give up after you die a couple of times. Here is 10 minutes of gameplay footage, courtesy of IGN.

Outer Wilds received critical acclaim at launch, with most of the praise going toward the environment and the unique concept. Outer Wilds even won Polygon’s Game of the Year award. The game's page on Steam is already up and running, however, you can’t pre-order it just yet. Outer Wilds can also be purchased for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Outer Wilds was one of the games that Epic Games had as an exclusive in 2019. Even after all of the controversies, Epic Games isn’t going to slow down on exclusives anytime soon. They announced that more exclusive games will be joining the store during the Spring Update 2020.

So what do you think? Are you planning to buy Outer Wilds on Steam? Have you already played it on Epic Games Store? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Outer Wilds
Outer Wilds Review - For The Explorers In All Of Us
Somehow, Outer Wilds manages to blow other space exploration-based titles away for a mere $10. It's a game where the vastness may be limited, but the depth is not; a testament to the never-ending drive for creativity, fueled by enthusiasm and passion. Much like exploration in real-life, each encounter brings something new. something impactful and meaningful; if a slice of life is but a game, then Outer Wild would have captured its very essence. The first true must-play of 2019.
  • -A solid exploration title, with a ton of surprises lurking in every nook and cranny.
  • -Amazing story framed in a very interesting and unique narrative.
  • -Unique and intriguing time loop mechanic that works surprisingly well, playing to the game's strengths.
  • -Colorful characters within a hand-crafted and well-detailed world.
  • -Great use of music, camping motifs and soulful aesthetic.
  • -You can't live in a time loop where you forget that you played this, in order to enjoy it from the start all over again.
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