Outer Wilds Dev: Game Subscriptions Are Beneficial To Industry

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When game subscriptions started hitting the digital store shelves, many gamers were not feeling it. But, it should be noted that with the advent of the internet, media is moving toward offering users greater freedom of choice. This can be seen in streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The devs of Outer Wilds also agree with the idea.

The producer of Outer Wilds, Loan Verneau, told GameIndustry.biz about the impact Xbox Game Pass had on the game. Verneau said that overall the impact has been positive and many people were able to experience the game who otherwise would not have given the game a shot. Verneau said that he agrees with game subscriptions and thinks they are a great move for the gaming industry.

Game Passes benefit everyone participating in the service. For developers, many gamers get to try their games out. If someone enjoys the game, they will most likely buy the game as well. Additionally, more people talk about the game, which means there is more word of mouth marketing.

Microsoft proved that after the introduction of Xbox Game Pass, more people are buying games that are not just a part of Xbox Game Pass but also out of the Pass. This allows players to experience new genres without having to spend money unnecessarily.

However, one should not look at any given situation from one perspective alone. If you have been around since the PlayStation 1 era, there were all kinds of games releasing, both big and small. Game subscriptions can lead developers to try out more creative ideas in the games they create.

On an ending note, we can all expect to see many companies gravitating toward this marketing strategy and it could prove to work out. Now that Xbox Game Pass is has grown to be this successful, it shouldn't be surprising to see companies like Sony and Nintendo jump on the same bandwagon.

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