Our Reaction To Literally Every Moment In Wonder Woman On Cape Talk Episode 4

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The second episode of iDigi's weekly Cape Talk podcast is available now. Scott Craft

Phil and Autumn finally get to discuss Wonder Woman in the fourth episode of the Cape Talk podcast. How does it compare to other origin movies, such as Captain America: The first Avenger? Should you believe the hype? What was it like watching the first woman superhero kick ass on the big screen?

Autumn snuck in chicken nuggets from Checkers to the movie at noon on Friday and was almost late, but made it just in time for the opening credits. Phil, on the other hand, waited until Saturday to go with his girlfriend. Good thing Autumn wasn’t late, because Themyscira was her favorite part of the movie. However, Phil thinks the island scenes dragged.

One thing Phil and Autumn agree on, though, is the fact the film didn’t explicitly spend time defining Wonder Woman’s powers. She’s a god and it may suck for people who don’t know Wonder Woman in the comic books, but her powers are ultimately limitless.

Phil and Autumn also talk about the film’s funniest moments, such as the scene on the boat and Chris Pine’s naked bathing scene where Wonder Woman asks, “Do all men look like that?” as she turns her head to the side like a curious dog.

Phil and Autumn also discuss the question of, “Is Wonder Woman too beautiful?” Gal Gadot is stunning and there are times in the film where characters insinuate she can’t go certain places because her good looks make her stand out too much. Her experience in the film doesn’t really relate to the average woman. For example, the scene where Steve Trevor is schmoozing Dr. Poison, but as soon as Wonder Woman walks in, Dr. Poison realizes she can't hold his attention.

However, they ultimately decide that because the character wasn’t over-sexualized and a is god, Patty Jenkins made the right choices. Both Phil and Autumn liked how the sex scene wasn’t shown and the chemistry between Chris Prine and Gal Gadot was mature and natural. Autumn points out how Patty Jenkins explores what chivalry means in a society that is starting to value equality among the sexes more and more.

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