Osiris: New Dawn Year End Update Adds New Cryptex, Implements AI Improvements

Year End Update
Year End Update Steam

You are humanity’s last hope, and you are sent on a mission to find habitable planets so the human race can survive. That is your role in Osiris: New Dawn, a futuristic space survival game developed by Fenix Fire Entertainment.

Recently, the company launched the Year End Update for Osiris: New Dawn, which adds new Cryptex to the game, as well as some AI improvements.

Cryptex in Osiris: New Dawn is a disk that you need to decrypt to unlock blueprints. That said, the Printer Cryptex has been added in the game’s recent patch to give you the 3-D Printer blueprint after successful decryption.

The Year End Update also improved the game’s AI. Now, certain creatures such as the Arachnoid, Gnat, Crab Monster, Parasyte, and Elida have been migrated to the physically-based AI system. This means that these creatures will now respect any physical obstructions, including defensive walls, structures, and any objects that have collision.


  • Crab Monster movement, attack, and death animations
  • Gnat movement, attack, and death animations
  • Arachnoid movement, attack, and death animations
  • Elida movement, attack, and death animations
  • Ending Cinematic
  • Special items needed to complete missions
  • Zirconium to Proteus 2 map
  • Ability to build inside Phoenix Team structures
  • New internal save system to allow completing missions out of order
  • Early game mission objects around all spawning points for all modes
  • Ability to designate power sources when using two Power Distributors
  • Space Debris in space with physics
  • Set dressing around lost Spaceship
  • Sound and FX for Spaceship Ramp
  • Animation and sound for Sat Dish mission complete
  • Sound and FX for charting course in Space Station
  • System computer announcing Mission Complete in non Story Modes
  • System Computer now explains Recycling in the Create Leather Mission
  • Removed outdated Ingots from build recipes
  • Console Commands have been re-added
  • Gathering creature hide has now been merged with the Create Leather Mission
  • Creative console command now is only accessible in Creative Mode and Private Universe
  • Comms Relay missions
  • Water reclaimer giving XP
  • Pink object inside Rover
  • Small rock collision issue found above Alpha Mine Entrance
  • Key Binding menu overlap
  • Key bindings do not save when restarting the game
  • Button overlays on top nav bar in game menu
  • Zoom in/out in the map screen is backward from expected
  • Salvaging a hose with the "low tech" option reward
  • Buggie for a satellite dish recipe
  • Furnace Precipitation Upgrade

Osiris: New Dawn Year End Update is available on PC.

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