Oregon Trail: Boom Town Offers Classic Experience with a New Twist

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town Google Play

Tilting Point is inviting everyone back to The Oregon Trail. Get ready for The Oregon Trail: Boom Town now available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

In this latest title, players get to experience the life of a pioneer with a new twist on the classic game. They now have to build, grow, craft, and harvest, with the goal of turning the wild frontier town of Independence, Missouri into a thriving boom town. Players can equip visiting pioneers with all available supplies to make sure that they survive the dangerous journey west.

The Oregon Trail: Boom Town offers unique storylines, familiar locations, and even new features, including:

  • Farm, Build and Craft
    • Players turn Independence, Missouri, into their own thriving boom town by:
      • Constructing buildings.
      • Growing food.
      • Crafting items.
      • Harvesting resources.
  • Send Wagons West
    • Make sure that pioneers have the supplies they need to survive their journey on the trail.
    • Follow the progress of the pioneers as their wagons make their way west across America's frontier on their way to a new life.
    • The wagons may call for supplies along the way, so be ready to collect resources and send them food, tomatoes, corn, eggs, medicine, clothes, or whatever else they need to survive.
  • Design the Town of Players' Dreams
    • Fill the town with shops, saloons, rail stations, and museums.
  • Join Events with Other Players
    • Connect with other players and compete or collaborate on special challenges, and participate in weekly and seasonal events.

In a statement, Tilting Point CEO and Founder Kevin Segalla revealed that The Oregon Trail has long been able to entertain fans from different generations. He added that they're happy to have partnered with Enixan and HarperCollins Productions to release a new twist to the classic game.

Meanwhile, Caroline Fraser of HarperCollins Productions shared that this game has been able to captivate millions of fans for decades. She went on to say that they hope players are immediately hooked in by the new way to play a game.

The Oregon Trail was first released more than 50 years ago. Since then, more than 65 million units have been sold, and it has been the most widely distributed educational franchise.

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