Try a New Space Action Game with Operation Zeta

A new adventure.
A new adventure. SFS Studios

Operation Zeta is finally available on both PC and Xbox One. It's the second game that follows the mainline story started by SFS Studios in its first game Inevitability.

In a post, the team at SFS revealed that this game was a side project as they were then working on Rekindling. After two years of working on it, the game became the team's main project. This action game has a lot of wacky NPCs along with wild quests to take on and characters to discover.

For this year, post-launch plans include releasing a free DLC that comes with new characters and new content.

Operation Zeta is actually a codename to a battle that has since been lost. The players' ship is now in shambles and they need to act quickly. Players must collect all of the parts and repair the ship before the warzone is ultimately destroyed by the death laser of the enemy.

There are 13 playable characters to unlock, each with a unique set of skills and challenges. Players can also unlock new abilities and upgrades using credits earned from each run. Each world is randomly generated with random quests to make sure that the gameplay experience is new each time.

Features of the game include:

  • Explore
    • Enjoy a game that offers a randomly-generated space system to find the parts for the broken ship.
    • The game is randomly generated for each run, from the planets to the quest.
  • Quest
    • Help out or fight the bizarre and exotic natives to recover the parts for the crashed warship.
    • There are more than 100 different NPCs and enemies, with new ones being selected each playthrough.
  • Repair
    • Collect rewards to unlock new ships and races.
    • These include monkeys with space helmets and space slugs.
  • Discover
    • Uncover the lore of the world, the origin of creatures, and the general history of the universe.

What are your thoughts on this game? Willing to give this a try?

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