Opera GX Mobile: The Browser for Gamers

Keep updated always.
Keep updated always. Opera

Not many people today may be familiar with the Opera web browser, but that doesn’t mean it has disappeared. It turns out they had something up their sleeve fit and it's none other than the Opera GX Mobile. Opera claims that this is the very first mobile browser designed specifically for gamers.

In a post, Opera GX Product Director Maciej Kocemba revealed that the release of this browser is actually based on user demand. He added that when they first launched Opera GX on desktop, many users immediately asked for a mobile version.

Here are some of the features of the mobile browser:

  • GX Corner
    • The GX Corner is a unique feature to Opera that curates relevant daily news about any upcoming games. This is something gamers need to keep updated with what’s happening in the video gaming world. The feature can be found just under the search bar and speed dial of the browser.
  • Gaming inspired GX design
    • One problem with mobile browsers is that oftentimes they can't fulfill what gamers need, let alone their taste. Opera GX Mobile finds a way through this problem by offering a distinct style clearly inspired by video games.
  • Haptic feedback
    • When using the mobile browser, users can choose between standard navigation and the Fast Action Button or FAB. FAB is divided into two rows with the top row being the tabs row. The bottom row contains the menu where users can use to search and close or open tabs. Plus, FAB makes use of vibrations and haptic feedback especially when it comes to interacting with the elements in the button.
  • Unique Opera features
    • ​One feature that gamers can enjoy is Opera Flow. This lets them sync the mobile browser with the desktop version. In addition, Flow is encrypted so it’s safe to share files between the computer and smartphone. This is good particularly for those who want to share character builds, tutorials, or walkthroughs.

What do you think? Ready to try out this mobile browser?

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