Onward Update 1.8.5 Patch Notes Include Improved Graphics, Custom Maps, Social Game Modes, And More

Onward Update 1.8.5 Patch Notes
Onward Update 1.8.5 Patch Notes Steam

Downpour Interactive, the developer of Onward, recently released a major update that adds customs maps with the help of the community. Players can now choose the social game modes they want to play, which include gun game, one in the chamber, and a few other modes.

It has also been confirmed that the Oculus Quest 2 will support Onward with improved graphics upon launch.

Onward Update 1.8.5 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Game Modes

  • All of our social modes are now available to be played publicly at all times. There is still one rotating mode featured on the social mode playlist every week, but the other modes are not locked to private games any longer

Quest 2

  • PC and Quest 2 now benefit from enhanced specular maps on guns, which are tinted by nearby light probes. This means shiny guns, with good performance
  • Improved the LOD bias on the Quest 2, so it has less noticeable LOD transitions

Custom Maps

  • The Onward Workshop has been added back into the game, for all platforms. You can now download and play custom maps on PC and Quest and cross-play them if the map creator supports both platforms. Further improvements to the workshop are coming soon!
  • Updated Onward and Custom Content project to Unity 2019.4.8f1
  • We have been collaborating with several map creators already, so there are several maps available already that have been updated and are playable, for both platforms.
  • Use the Custom Content Guide 2.0 document to convert your maps or create a new one for Quest and PC.


  • Support for bHaptics body haptics devices was added to the game, on both Quest and PC, so you can feel exactly what shot you and where, and it greatly enhances firing haptics.
  • ForceTube support was added to Quest
  • Controller haptic feedback has been made to be more powerful in general on several devices.
  • Controller haptic effects were overhauled and some new ones were added, for example when pulling back a bolt, or holding a shield.

Voice Chat

  • Fixed voice chat not working when joining a new lobby
  • Fixed downed players" radio
  • Fixed Uplink / Assault tent radio


  • Changed the duration of the flashbang effect back to what it was in 1.7.
  • Fixed Uplink / Assault bug that incorrectly selected fireteam leader from the opposite team
  • Fixed not being able to hear gunshots when joining an in-progress lobby
  • Fixed an invisible wall in Bazaar incorrectly blocking bullets
  • Fixed mismatched collision on the sea container doors in Cargo and Tanker
  • Fix several issues with Assault boundaries either applying or not applying at random
  • Adjusted the lighting in Downfall, Suburbia, Bazaar and Quarantine for better visuals that are more faithful to 1.7.
  • Replaced several props with higher quality model versions across all the maps for PC
  • Fixed PC version of Bazaar having no windows versus the Quest version of Bazaar
  • Fixed lens flares able to be seen through guns and other pickups
  • Potential fix for offset colliders and random teleporting
  • Removed the extra fences on Downfall that came with 1.8
  • Added extra lights inside buildings in Downfall
  • Added a usable first floor to the Downfall towers
  • Fixed a spawn location on Gun Game which would leave the player to be stuck inside of a table in Downfall
  • Fixed round count setting when creating the social mode server defaulting to '3' instead of 'standard', causing the game modes to end after three rounds instead of their intended number if the setting was not changed
  • Dead and downed states now more noticeably differ from each other
  • Removed a screen overlay that made the tablet glow with screen effects
  • Fixed body armor colliders not working
  • Fixed shields not blocking thrown items from other players
  • Fixed shooting range targets being invisible to the ground drone camera
  • Improved the ak5c bolt animation for PC
  • Fixed fire mode animations on the following guns: P90, MK16, l86a2 lsw, tar21, val, MK17 and AK5C, MK18, M16A4, AKS74u
  • Improved the VOLK PK120 reticle to make it easier to see and use
  • Changed the skybox in the Quest version of the Shooting Range
  • Optimized skyboxes across all Quest scenes to use up less memory
  • Adjusted light bakes across night scenes to improve the night vision effect
  • Fix PKM having incorrect positions for the bullets on its belt
  • Fix bullets sometimes not having textures on the PKM and the M249
  • Fixed collision issues in various PC/Quest maps
  • Adjusted material settings for some objects in Downfall PC maps
  • Fixed some visual issues in Quarantine PC/Quest maps
  • Fixed an Uplink Assault boundary issue in Quarantine PC/Quest
  • Improved the metal hit impact effect
  • Fixed PC players being able to stand on top of the P90
  • Fixed using FAMAS with proximity grip destroying the space time continuum
  • Fixed barrels and pallets fading too soon on Quest
  • Fixed the issue when running and shooting with L86 can cause you to damage yourself when held at the right angle


  • Weapons now use a volume slider in settings instead of a button toggle and it starts at 75%
  • Fixed suppressed weapons that were louder than their non-suppressed versions
  • Reduced expelled shell volume
  • Slightly reduced magazine in volume
  • Removed inconsistent C4 explosion sounds
  • Increased the grenade collision volume.
  • Changed grenade explosion sound back to the sound it had in 1.7 which is less distorted
  • Fixed Tanker using the wrong reverb
  • Fixed reverbs not changing for other players when leaving reverb areas
  • Increased limit of total concurrent audio on PC


  • Fixed AI being able to look through bushes
  • Co-op Hunt now supports multiple player spawns. Levels have between four and seven additional player spawn points.
  • AI can throw frag grenades once again
  • Added AI vision blockers to the palm trees
  • Added AI cover positions to the roof tops in Quarantine
  • Fixed AI navigation maps in Quarantine to allow the bots to enter the parking garage and all buildings
  • Fixed AI not being able to enter buildings in Downfall


  • Reworked the server browser filters and added game mode filters
  • Add a "Recenter" button to the rear menu of the tent as well as the connection panel of the main menu that will center your play space.
  • The tent voice icon turns green when team chat is on.
  • Fixed text showing in only one eye sometimes, showing squares while the screen is tinting, and having reduced performance.
  • Fixed the main menu barbed wire showing through the settings screen UI.


  • Fixed casters/spectators not seeing player names or outlines sometimes
  • Fixed spectate desktop's team two cameras getting offset from the hide team button
  • Fixed objectives missing on the spectator map
  • Changed the spectator map objective icon to use the same objective icon as the tablet
  • Fixed disconnected players not disappearing on the map
  • Fixed player dots not appearing on the map
  • Fixed an issue with desktop spectate that would cause glitching in UI elements.


  • Fixed helmets on the shelves in the PC tent not fading with everybody else when the screen fades to black.

Known Issues

  • The first-floor tower windows in Downfall are positioned too high
  • The interiors in Downfall and Bazaar are too dark in places
  • The lighting change in Quarantine day might be a bit too dark
  • M249 and PKM box magazines don't have correct colliders
  • Passworded lobbies aren't able to change the round timers
  • When trying to grab the syringe sometimes you might unintentionally grab the pistol instead
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