Old Overwatch Footage Shows A Hilarious Bastion

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Overwatch Bastion First Look
An old clip features the amiable Omnic death machine in its early development iteration. Overwatch Official Website

Everything has its own humble beginnings, and Bastion of Overwatch is definitely not an exception. Old footage of Overwatch reportedly shows the amiable robot in its old look, which is a bit of a hilarious mess.

Blizzard released Overwatch back in 2016, and the game will soon celebrate its third anniversary this year. The event is simply called the Anniversary Event. Apparently, some players were able to dig up some old of footage of Bastion in his prime. Well, not exactly his prime, but it was his first look back in the day. And yes, it is a complete laughing stock.

Bastion First Look
Back in the day, Bastion has his own Reinhardt-ish shield that would activate when he went on Turret mode. Photo: Overwatch Official Website

Bastion is one of the few heroes in Overwatch that has gone through various iterations. In fact, he used to have his own mini Reinhardt shield, a skill he could activate when going to turret mode. A Reddit user by the name of BlizzconX shared an interesting gif of the hero’s early development iteration.

via Gfycat

There is no doubt that the clip features an early version of the King’s Row, especially with the similarities it shares with the current version of the map in Overwatch. But rather than being the loveable Omnic death machine he is known for, it seems Bastion is just a combination of different machines placed into one.

There are players who point out that Bastion’s early development look seems to mimic Zenyatta. Instead of just being based on the latter’s icon, the character also dons Reaper’s arms and one of Tracer’s titular pistols.

Of course, this old version of Bastion was during the Overwatch beta. And players certainly know why it did not push through (praise Kaplan for that!).

Before the Anniversary event, which will arrive this summer, the next event in the game will be called Archives. Nothing is official yet as far as the upcoming event is concerned, but this is based on leaks from the game’s official site. Blizzard is rumored to begin the event on April 16.

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