Okami HD Remaster Arrives Dec. 12, Celebrates 11 Years In 4K

Amaterasu in her legendary white wolf form.
Amaterasu in her legendary white wolf form. (c) Capcom

Okami , a beautiful watercolor-style game set in a mystical world with magical paintbrush mechanics, was first released in 2006. As one of the final games to come out on the PlayStation 2, Okami’s original, fantastical style and unique gameplay made it a memorable addition to the console’s library. Now, this beautiful game is getting the remastered version it deserves on PS4, Xbox One and PC this Dec. 12 for a mere $20.

Check out the trailer for Okami HD below:

Okami tells the story of wolf goddess Amaterasu, who is on a quest accompanied by her diminutive buddy Issun to rid ancient Japan of evil. Amaterasu takes the form of the legendary white wolf Shiranui and players can control both her wolf aspect and her goddess aspect. Issun wields a magic brush and the whole journey is rendered in an ink-and-watercolor style based on traditional Japanese sumi-e ink painting, fitting for a game based on Japanese folklore.

With Okami HD , players can experience the game in a modern widescreen 16:9 format or the original 4:3 screen ratio. The original loading screen mini-game where players can earn bonus demon fangs to trade for in-game items will also be part of the remaster as well.

Okami was ported to the Wii and later remastered for the PlayStation 3 in 2012. The latest HD version for 2017 features 4K resolution on the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and PC. However, the Nintendo Switch is a notable, yet odd snub: the console might not support 4K graphics, but neither does the standard Xbox One and PS4, so what gives? Where is the Okami Amiibo we deserve?

At any rate, if you’ve never played the game, Okami is still well worth the buy. Okami HD will be digitally and physically released and is a steal at $20.

A limited edition will be released in Japan that includes a first print of the game with a code for a PS4 theme as well as a reversible cover, two special posters, another PS4 theme and a fabric wrap with the game’s logo. The limited edition version has not been announced for the West, but at least we’re getting the game first this time: the Japanese release arrives on Dec. 21.

Will you purchase Okami HD ? Do you have a console or computer that can handle that dank 4K resolution? Feel free to talk about your fond memories of Okami in the comments section below.

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