Fallout 76: Get Ready to Take Your Chances in Atlantic City

Ready for what Atlantic City has to offer? Bethesda

A new update is now live in Fallout 76 which opens up the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Get ready to meet new factions, take new expeditions, and of course, earn new rewards.

Whatever happened to Atlantic City? You see when the Great War broke out, it was considered as a "low priority target." However, it has since been seen as the wasteland's premier destination of the wasteland mainly due to the thrilling entertainment, scenic coastal views, the running electricity.

What can players look forward to in Atlantic City? There are new locations like the Neapolitan Casino where you can try luck and try to win big at different games like Roulette and Lucky Dice. Then there's the Boardwalk, which is the home of the Showmen. This location offers deadly entertainment and the famous underwater Aquarium of the Atlantic.

Meet the Factions

Atlantic City also introduces you to new factions. First off is The Showmen, which is the guild that runs the entertainment of the city. Indeed, they have performers and entertainers of all kinds. They are obsessed though when it comes to self-actualization and not afraid to go to dangerous or even fatal lengths to achieve it. The Family meanwhile is the resident mob of Atlantic City. They're based out of the Casino Quarter and are the ones in charge of vice, chems, and gambling in the city.

Making sure that things run as smooth as possible in Atlantic City is the Municipal Government. These hard-working citizens are the looking over the day-to-day operations of the city and not afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to collecting taxes.

Take on the Expeditions

There are two new expeditions available. The first is Tax Evasion which has you try to help Billy Beltbuckles, the "accountant" of the mafia, cook the books. Do what you can to help him avoid paying any dues to both Showmen and Municipal Government. You can smudge the books a little here or misplace some money over there. It's all up to you!

Second is known as The Most Sensational Game. If you think you have it in you to survive a deadly race against the Batsuuri Twins then this is the one for you. Danger lurks in every corner and it's not just through the obstacles but even in the opponents. If you do manage to cross the finish line first then get ready to be crowned as Boardwalk's newest Sensation.

Get to learn more about Atlantic City and the changes made by the new update here. Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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