Odd Realm: Patch Beta Brings Pathfinding and Combat Improvements

Odd Realm Patch Beta
Odd Realm Patch Beta Steam

Odd Realm has a new beta update that you can download today. Patch beta brings some much-needed improvements.

Before anything else, Entities in this game are a collective term used to denote the playable races, animals, enemies, and summoned creatures. That said, the developers have added some pathfinding improvements, particularly when it comes to how paths are prioritized. To put it simply, entities that are given a move order are prioritized first, with NPCs being prioritized last.

Combat improvements and bug fixes have been added as well. Back then, there were some cases where entities in hold positions wouldn’t attack enemies even if they were too close. Thankfully, this annoying bug has been addressed. The devs have also implemented some line-of-sight logic for ranged fighters. What this means is that you can no longer be attacked through the ground.


  • Fixed a bug where the dialogue indicator would get stuck above entities
  • Fixed an FPS drop from having lots of inaccessible jobs
  • Fixed a bug where entities would start mating while in combat or during a move order
  • Added "gather item" job and renamed "pick up or drop off item" to "haul item"
  • Void Woken should be a default permitted race in most rooms now
  • Removed the loot skill as it's not used for anything
  • The selection box is no longer shown for right-clicks during entity selections
  • Fixed a bug where orders couldn't be given if one of the selected entities was dead
  • Fixed a bug where entities would stop moving randomly after being given a move order
  • Archers will now only fire an arrow if they have line-of-sight
  • Fixed a bug where the health bar color was incorrect when loading a save
  • Increased landmine damage
  • Fixed a bug where entities would get stuck doing a job if the job they had started was no longer accessible
  • Re-enabled the lode overlay. You can see it when holding TAB
  • Ancients now start out with more Tomes of Arcana
  • All Arcana research is much cheaper
  • Auto-job threshold amount to set will now look at queued and active jobs when attempting to queue jobs
  • Fixed a bug where entities in water could not be attacked
  • Minimap input will now stop entity follow if it's active
  • Fixed a bug that would keep some lists from not updating correctly
  • The kitchen now has the Misc skill as a default. That way, anyone with misc can join and do the butcher jobs
  • Added blueprint summon visuals for the Void Imp and Void Woken
  • The Wood or Stone Bin can now also hold Refined Materials
  • Entities will now unassign themselves from stockpile carry jobs if the job sits for long enough without starting. This is to help free up carry jobs for other settlers that can do them

Odd Realm Patch beta is available on PC.

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