Odd Realm Patch Beta: Water and Temperature Physics; Various Performance Improvements

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Odd Realm is a 2D procedurally-generated settlement simulation game set in a fantasy world. You control a bunch of odd settlers and it is your task to build a settlement that is strong enough to withstand whatever comes your way.

That said, Patch Beta has been made available for download. One of the most notable things about this update is the changes to how water and temperature work in the game.

Water and Temperature Physics

In the latest beta patch, the developers have made significant changes to some game aspects - one of which is giving the water its mass. Because of this, you now can drain ponds. This also fixes the bug where you can potentially cause flooding when you place a single water block on the surface.

In addition, the devs have made some changes to how the heat spreads in the game. Now, using a torch or building a fire pit inside greenhouses prevents snow from covering up the roof.

Patch Highlights

  • Made several CPU performance improvements related to UI and world rendering
  • Reduced the RAM footprint of the game
  • Decreased load times
  • Lowered the save game audio clip volume
  • Reduced the save game time
  • Single water blocks will now dissipate instead of flooding a map
  • The free job now requires the survival skill instead of tame skill
  • Added missing icon for Stasis Crystals
  • Added caves and lakes to find underground
  • Added web block
  • Void Woken will now have the laborer profession by default
  • Void Imps will now have the miner profession by default
  • Entities can now use unpurified or purified water to put out a fire
  • Re-added overlay visual to indicate when a solid block is above
  • Fixed a bug where selections were deselected in the paint debug window when SHIFT is released
  • Fixed a lag spike that would occur when new ambient clips were played
  • Fixed a visual bug where crates showed they could be locked
  • Fixed a visual bug where the interior temperature was being displayed instead of surface
  • Fixed another bug that causes floating trees
  • Fixed a bug where weather effects would show below glass roofing
  • Fixed a bug where Ancient tombs weren't generating
  • Fixed a bug where the Unworthy Ancient's scenario wasn't activating properly

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

Odd Realm is available on PC.

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