Celebrate 25 Years of Fallout This October

Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary! Bethesda

It was in October 1997 when Fallout was first launched, and players were first introduced to a post-nuclear world, with irradiated monstrosities and memorable characters. Since then, the series is now a best-selling franchise that helped define role-playing games for the PC.

In addition, new titles have been released across multiple console generations. Not only that, a tabletop version was launched, with a television series coming soon.

Join the Celebration

For this week, the celebration isn’t just a one day thing but for an entire month. Something is planned for each week in October, for example, this week has:

  • Free Play Event (October 4 to October 11)
    • Join 13 million players and try Fallout 76: The Pitt for free.
  • ​Invaders from Beyond (October 4 to October 18)
    • The alien-themed Seasonal Event is back.
    • Unlock rewards that are out of this world.
  • Fallout 76 Free on Windows Store (October 3 to November 1)
    • Amazon Prime members can redeem Fallout 76 for free with a Windows Store code.
  • ​Game Pass Perks (October 3 to November 1)
    • Fallout 76 players can redeem one free month of Fallout 1st through Xbox Game Pass.
  • ​Franchise Anniversary Sale (October 4 to October 18)
    • Save as much as 75% on Fallout franchise titles and Atoms this week.
  • ​Creation Club Discount (October 4 to November 2)
    • Uncover curated Fallout 4 content in Creation Club, on sale for a limited time.

Faction Quiz

There are different groups, organizations, cults and even plain gangs that call their slice of Fallout’s world home. For those not sure which post-nuclear faction suits them, don’t worry. The Post-Apocalyptic Loyalty Simulator (P.A.L.S) questionnaire is here to help. Once you find out your faction, don't forget to tell friends about it.

Fallout Shelter

As part of the 25th anniversary of Fallout, new content is set to be added to Fallout Shelter. This is the first in four years, so there’s a reason for Overseers to rejoice.

The new content introduces players to a new quest line, which features new enemies, new weapons, and new dwellers to recruit. There’s even a new celebration room theme. More details will be released once the update is launched.

The Fallout series of games started as post-apocalyptic role-playing video games that later became action RPGs. The latest title is Fallout 76, launched in November 2018 available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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