Fallout 76: Are You Ready to Go on an Expedition to The Pitt?

Ready to visit another region?
Ready to visit another region? Bethesda

The Expeditions Update for Fallout 76 is now live. This means vault dwellers now have the chance to explore new territory, which is none other than The Pitt.

For those new to the game, this is post-nuclear Pittsburgh first introduced in Fallout 3. This time, players are asked to intervene in a conflict between the local Union faction and besieging Fanatics. They need to fight off against perilous threats like deadly Trogs, and those who survive will be rewarded in loot.

In Fallout 76, Expeditions are randomized and repeatable story-based missions having a scale similar to many end-of-line quests. Each Expedition is different, which means taking multiple trips to The Pitt is worth it, especially when it comes to rewards.

The Responders are Here

The Responders are back and they’ve set up operations inside The Whitespring Resort and called it “The Whitespring Refuge.” They’ve actually found and restored a Vertibird. They hope to use this Vertibird to expand their efforts and include distant settlements across the Wastelands, and they’re now looking for your help.

To start the “Responders Reborn” quest, go to The Whitespring Refuge to be introduced to the new Responders. You must learn about their goals and earn their trust, but the most important is that you get access to the Vertibird and lead the Expeditions.

Start the Expedition

To start an Expedition, prepare the Vertibird and make it flight-ready, which means using a charged Ultracell. The problem is that Ultracell charge is in short supply and the Responders are usually making sure that theirs is tightly rationed.

If you’ve completed the “Responders Reborn” quest, you can head to the Whitespring Refuge every day to automatically start three Refuge Daily Quests. In exchange for helping them, the Responders will give you a 25% Ultracell Charge for completing certain Refuge Daily Quests, and a 50% charge for others.

That means finishing all three quests for the day lets you earn enough to charge the Vertibird’s battery up to 100%, and lead an Expedition.

The Mission

The first two Missions are “Union Dues” and “From Ashes to Fire.” Both take you deep into the heart of the conflict in The Pitt to bolster the Union’s efforts, save their people from the cruelty of the Raiders, and sabotage the Fanatics’ plans at every turn.

You can choose which mission you'd like to start and as you play through a mission, you get three randomized objectives. Each is sure to keep you feeling fresh from one playthrough to the next.

Get the Rewards

For every mission that you finish, you can earn as many as five legendary items based on the number of primary and optional objectives completed. You can get Legendary Scrips, Treasury Notes, loot, and XP. In addition, you earn a random item from the pool of rare Expeditions-themed rewards once a week by finishing all optional objectives during a mission.

Learn more about Expeditions here. Expeditions arrived with Update Version, which you can read more about here.

Fallout 76 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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