OceanCraft Update 0.8.x: Treasure Maps, Sunken Treasure, and Bug Fixes

OceanCraft Update 0.8.x
OceanCraft Update 0.8.x steam

Update 0.8.x for OceanCraft is finally available to download on Steam. This update brings lots of new things into the game like Treasure Maps and Sunken Treasure. The developers have also added some changes and bug fixes in the update.

Treasure Maps

Every single island comes with a hidden treasure waiting to be looted. If you want to claim the treasure for yourself, take your compass and start searching using the map for the right spot. After finding the treasure, use the treasure magnet to lift it off the ground.

Sunken Treasure

You may want to explore the ocean more because the deep waters hold some sunken treasure. Use the waterwheel to move to the treasure spot and pick up the loot with a crane.

OceanCraft Update 0.8.x

New Content
Added privacy settings
  • Host now has more control over other players during multiplayer games.
  • The host can change the settings when starting a game and in the crafting book.
  • Default settings are applied to joining players, but every right can be applied on a per player basis.
  • Every chest can be locked by the host. Locked chests can only be accessed by the host.
  • Can interact (This is the extreme settings. Players without it cannot interact with anything in the game).
  • Can build (Players with this setting can build new things onto the OceanCraft).
  • Can destroy (Players with this setting can destroy already build things with the hammer).
  • Can access public chests (Without this setting players cannot use chests. Players with this setting can use chests, unless they are locked by the host).
  • Hats are now collectable items. Once the player has found one, it can be found in the character creator.
  • Metal and fabric are no longer exclusively from tiny pirates, but can also be found in sunken treasures.
  • Balloons no longer contain all hats. Some are now in sunken treasures and the island treasure chest.
  • Island spots now only appear once the crafting table is build.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed lighting in the menu.
  • Fixed problems with water pistol.
  • Fixed problems with lighting sometimes striking in invalid spots.

You can read more about the update here.

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