Nvidia's GeForce Now Loses 2K Games Support

Nvidia GeForce Now is losing games in a row!
Nvidia GeForce Now is losing games in a row! Nvidia

Nvidia's GeForce Now took the gaming community by storm a month ago. Shortly after, we learned that Activision had pulled its games from the streaming platform and Bethesda soon followed. Of course, GeForce Now is the most flexible game streaming platform right now, but it does not mean that the platform itself is free of flaws.

When the platform officially launched, it advertised itself with a host of amazing AAA titles from popular developers as well as smaller indie developers. GeForce Now didn't just please gamers because it offered a huge library of streamable games, but it also allowed gamers to play the games that they already own. Given this list of unbeatable features, one would naturally wonder whether is it worth investing both your time and money into this platform.

Within a few days of GeForce Now launching, Activision pulled its games from the platform. Bethesda was next to pull the same move. Now, 2K Games has also opted to pull its games from the platform. Sadly, we aren't sure who is to blame for all of these amazing games disappearing from GeForce Now. In a statement made with The Verge, Nvidia mentioned that publishers "are taking a while to make up their minds." All of this is due to digital game licensing, which is not as easy as it seems. This is the same issue that Google Stadia is currently facing when trying to grow its game library.

While both Nvidia and Google are trying to bring in new games to their respective platforms and keep them there, Microsoft's Project xCloud is also set to launch shortly to add to the competition. We'll only have to wait and see how this dance turns out between the three services.

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