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Reddit Q&As are an easy and effective way for brands to connect with consumers and share important details on upcoming products. Nvidia held a recent Q&A session with fans earlier this month, revealing interesting technical aspects and how much of a performance improvement the RTX 30 series graphics cards will have over the RTX 20 series graphics cards.

The questions were addressed by multiple Nvidia staff members, including Nvidia's Senior Vice President Tony Tomasi, who detailed that the new GPUs will have double the amount of FP32 throughput. Tomasi also explained RTX IO, a technology that will enable the upcoming GPUs to read data directly from the SSD at higher speeds. Tomasi confirmed that the RTX 30 series GPUs will be fully compatible with Windows 7 and 10.

Users also asked how the RTX 30 series GPUs will fit in current gaming builds. Nvidia's Qi Lin stated the new GPUs will feature a new flow-through cooling system that will function well if the GPU is configured to receive cool air. A new thermal design will also blow hot air out of the case. Additionally, Lin mentioned HDMI 2.1 and its capability of supporting up to 8K resolution at 60Hz and 12 bit HDR.

Moreover, Nvidia's Senior Project Manager Seth Schneider discussed the brand-new Reflex technology. He added that the Reflex technology isn't just reserved for RTX 30 series GPUs as cards as old as the GTX 900 series will be receiving the technology via a driver update. The technology is said to drastically reduce latency and developers can use the Nvidia API to make their games make use of the technology. As of now only Apex Legends, Fortnite, Destiny 2, and a few Call of Duty games have been using the technology.

Finally, the Q&A session included a brief discussion on Nvidia's Broadcast app, indicating that the program will be of greater interest to streamers and content creators.

Nvidia's RTX 30 Series GPUs will be available for purchase starting on September 17.

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