Nvidia's RTX 3090 Takes PC Gaming To A Whole New Level

RTX 3090
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Yesterday, Nvidia announced the RTX 3000 series graphics cards line, revealing the flagship RTX 3080 and a slightly slower RTX 3070. The company also revealed a monster of a GPU, the RTX 3090.

According to Nvidia, the RTX 3000 series graphics cards are meant to perform two important functions – perform an insane number of calculations in a short time and deliver the calculated result as fast as possible.

The RTX 3000 GPUs use a brand new Ampere architecture that can draw up to 400W of power to run its Shader TFLOPs, RT Cores, and Tensor Cores. Powering all these cores and performing activities like rendering ray traced images in realtime can cause the GPU to run at roughly 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nvidia had to consider all of these challenges before putting together the RTX 3090, while also keeping the GPU as sleek as possible. Nonetheless, Nvidia has produced a GPU so powerful that it is now up to the CPU manufacturers to keep with the Big Ferocious GPU, as Nvidia proudly calls it.

The RTX 3090 also brings a host of new features like RTX IO and DirectStorage that are said to take the physics-based computational load from the CPU. The RTX 3090 also comes packed with a whopping 24GB of GDDR6X memory, allowing the card to handle 8K, 60FPS gaming quite easily.

Although many people have expressed their concerns regarding the GPU's $1,499 price tag, content creators and professional gamers would love to invest in this product.

While the RTX 3080 and RTX 3070 are capable of handling next-gen gaming quite efficiently, the RTX 3090 can do it much better. Those who are interested in buying the RTX 3090 won't have to wait a lot longer. The BFGPU is launching on September 24, a week after the RTX 3080's launch, which is on September 17.

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