Norse Realms Believed To Be Explored In God Of War 5

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Looks like Kratos will be exploring the depths of the Norse realms.
Looks like Kratos will be exploring the depths of the Norse realms. Sony

After Sony confirmed the release window of the PlayStation 5 for late next year, speculations about which games would find their way to the console have started to surface. One particular hype train has something to do with Santa Monica Studio’s God of War, which has continued to be updated with free content since the title’s release back in April 2018.

Earlier this year, the tech giant unleashed a two-hour documentary titled Raising Kratos. It basically details the five-year journey to bring the franchise back to life. Interestingly, the studio has not failed in stirring the interest of fans when it comes to Kratos and Atreus. And if these new job listings are to be considered, it looks like the studio is already working on a new iteration.

If you are among the many fans wondering whether or not a new God of War will arrive – and if it will still feature Kratos and Atreus – you know for a fact that a new mythological realm must be explored. And if you think the sequel will go back to Greece, then you are completely mistaken. It is very likely that the fifth title in the franchise will bring Kratos and Atreus back to the Norse realm for another round of combat.

Bringing the Norse realm back to the plot of the story actually makes sense. After all, fans have been waiting to know more about the awfully intriguing stuff revealed about Atreus at the end of God of War 4. Also, a recent tweet from Santa Monica Studio’s associate producer Shayna Moon gave the community a very strong indication of this direction.

As of this writing, neither Sony nor Santa Monica Studio have officially confirmed – or even denied – that God of War 5 is already in development. But considering the fact that the franchise has become a critical and commercial success – the franchise reportedly sold more than 10 million copies — it is only a matter of time before a sequel has been announced. Besides, SMS is not really denying that its main focus right now is the future of God of War.

If a sequel is to happen, what could it bring to the table? Chances are, both Kratos and Atreus will be visiting the three Norse realms the recent title did not explore. These are none other than Asgard, Svartalfheim, and Vanaheim. Asgard, in particular, will likely be a major focus, and it would be a surprise if not, no? Anyway, since all of these have yet to be officially confirmed, it is best to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

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