No Man’s Sky Update 1.5 Releasing Soon, ARG Says It Involves Mirrors

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No Man's Sky Atlas Rises biomes
No Man's Sky update 1.5 is releasing soon, so the Waking Titan ARG has entered a new phase. The next patch seemingly has something to do with mirrors. No Man's Sky is available on PS4 and PC. Hello Games

No Man’s Sky update 1.5 is apparently in the works, according to several new developments in the Waking Titan ARG. While there’s still lots to discover, mirrors seem to be at the center of the latest mystery.

Investigation began last week when the official Waking Titan website reverted to its standard console prompt. Fans found that typing in the “whois” command yielded the reply #WHATIS1.5. The assumption to be drawn from that hashtag, is that No Man’s Sky’s next big patch will skip 1.4 entirely and jump to 1.5, implying this update is so substantial it requires a larger jump.

However, taking on the role of faithful space explorers, the community’s questions didn’t stop there. Users also noticed a tenth glyph at the bottom of the page that didn’t exist before. Clicking on it led to a blurred message and link to an image-focused Google Drive repository. The text reads as follows:


“Dear Elizabeth

“We have finished processing 10,000 passes as per your requirements. You should
have them in time for the next phase. I really hope you will like the final product.

Kind regards,


The 10,000 passess are likely a refrence to the physical V4 Atlas Passes that have yet to be mailed to the ARG’s most dedicated followers. If the letter is a reflection of the real-world status of those shipments, they should be arriving soon.

It’s the images, however, that are far more interesting. Taken from an earlier stage of the 1.3 ARG, they show fans holding the No Man’s Sky logo up to mirrors. The concept is even reinforced by data in the fire names. When converted to hexadecimal code, the combined names reveal the anagram, “moirrr.”

Shortly after fans shared these findings, two websites related to the ARG were relaunched. The Superlumina site now says “process terminated,” while Myriad 70 simply says 1.5, in brackets. Below those digits are six hexadecimal strings that spell the correct word, “mirror.”

What we can discern from these long-winded clues, then, is that No Man’s Sky 1.5 has something to do with mirrors. When Waking Titan first began this summer, its puzzles were preempted with a focus on the word “portal.” Those portals later became an in-game fixture of the Atlas Rises update. When it comes to mirrors, though, fans have yet to figure out how they might relate to No Man’s Sky’s future.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC.

What do you think of this latest phase of Waking Titan? How do mirrors relate to 1.5? Tell us in the comments section!

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