'No Man's Sky' PC Updates May Hint At Steam Workshop Mod Support & Bug Fixes

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky Photo: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky for PC has been getting some attention from Hello Games, and recent changes to the title’s SteamDB page may point to incoming Steam Workshop support. While the evidence is flimsy at best, here’s a glimpse at what’s got the community talking.

About four hours from the time of writing, Hello Games made adjustments to a depot called “workshopdepot” with two nondescript adjustments. The key thing to notice here is the name of the area the development team was investigating. If they’re looking into workshop-related content, it’s certainly possible this could relate to Steam Workshop additions in a future patch. That’s what the game’s devotees are thinking anyway.

'No Man's Sky' Workshop Depot
'No Man's Sky' was just updated on SteamDB with changes to the "workshopdepot." Does that mean 'No Man's Sky' will soon get Steam Workshop support? 'No Man's Sky' is available now on PS4 and PC. Photo: Steam/Hello Games

These adjustments arrive just three days after a brand new build of the game was uploaded to the internal content branch. At the very least, this confirms Hello Games is working on No Man’s Sky for PC in a sustained way. In what manner, of course, remains largely uncertain.

It’s important to note that, while interesting, changes to a title’s SteamDB page aren’t always as drastic as they appear. Because the database tracks every action taken by the team, even the smallest of tweaks or even clicking in a certain area can prompt a History post like the one above. While somewhat unlikely, it’s also possible the “workshopdepot” could relate to another feature beyond Steam Workshop. Ultimately, we won’t know the truth until something is publicly revealed.

All those contingencies aside, Steam Workshop support for the PC version of No Man’s Sky would be a worthy addition. Since the game’s initial release in August, outside modding communities have made tweaks that remove unwanted features, provide aesthetic adjustments and offer a less restrictive experience. Want to fly low on planets or remove the obtrusive HUD? Modders have made that possible. We recapped the title’s best mods shortly after release.

Adding Steam Workshop hooks would simply offer another place for the best mods to live. With official creation tools, what mods can do might also be expanded as well.

No Man’s Sky is on the road to recovery after its rocky launch. Base building in November’s Foundation Update made the gameplay experience more purposeful, and we hope future patches for PS4 and PC intend to flesh things out even more.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PS4 and PC.What do you think of these PC build changes? Will No Man’s Sky get Steam Workshop support in a future update? Tell us in the comments section!

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