No Man's Sky: Patch 3.71 Improves Base Building and More

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Building your own base in No Man’s Sky has gotten a lot better thanks to the game’s new update. Patch 3.71 added plenty of improvements and bug fixes, most notably to the base-building mechanics.

Improved Base Building

First up, all base parts that were incorrectly deemed to change color or material in the previous patch, even without the proper textures to support them, have been fixed.

Putting electrical wires has been greatly improved in Patch 3.71. For instance, it now feels more responsive when you place them in your base. Also, the wiring mode will only show relevant options available to you. While the controls are prominently placed on top of the screen for convenience.

Previously, deleting certain base parts will also remove other parts nearby. This is no longer an issue after the developers fixed it.

Interface Fixes

The problem where your character may hover a little bit whenever you sit in a chair has been fixed. In addition, issues with large plants and trees due to the incorrect collision have been addressed.

Aside from those, there is a new feature that allows you to change the strength of the camera shake. You can tweak this in the settings menu.

Patch 3.71 Highlights

  • Fixed a number of rare instances where settlement buildings were not properly constructed
  • Fixed a rare issue where a construction terminal would not be placed on a settlement building site
  • Fixed an issue that could cause grass to spawn within settlement buildings
  • Fixed a snapping issue with Wall Screens
  • Fixed a number of snapping issues with small triangle base parts
  • Fixed a collision issue with pressure pads
  • Fixed an issue that could cause base part snap points to display in the wrong position
  • Fixed a snapping issue when connecting cuboids rooms to vertical corridors
  • Fixed a snapping issue when stacking cuboid rooms
  • Fixed a number of issues where the player would get snagged on object or terrain physics
  • Fixed an issue that could cause particle effects to be cleared up too early, clipping the effect
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to hover above chairs when sitting
  • Fixed an issue that caused text to instantly print out rather than type out in the final box of a multi-sequence piece of dialog
  • Introduced a message to inform users when they are unable to connect to matchmaking because they have been banned

You can learn about No Man’s Sky Patch 3.71 by heading to the game’s official website.

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