No Man's Sky Frontiers: Patch 3.68 Introduces Optimizations to Settlements and Bases

No Man's Sky: Frontiers
No Man's Sky: Frontiers Hello Games

Hello Games has released another update for No Man’s Sky: Frontiers that implemented a lot of bug fixes, particularly to settlements and large bases. One notable fix is for NPCs that may overlap each other by occupying the same chair. Now, two NPCs should no longer do this.

The developers have also made huge improvements to NPCs found in settlements. After applying Patch 3.68, all NPCs will now talk more often and they may sometimes congregate to discuss certain affairs. Moreover, the issue where two identical NPCs may spawn for a settlement decision has been fixed, so this will likely not happen anymore.

For bases, ladders will now work correctly when you use them inside cuboid rooms. Further, snapping issues that have plagued the game have been fixed, especially when placing some corner pieces and a large number of base parts. The base building recolor menu has been improved. Now, you will know the exact name of the color you want to use just by hovering over it.

Those playing on the Playstation will be happy to know that their console got several memory optimizations. In addition, crash fixes have been implemented for all platforms, particularly those related to interactable objects, base, and settlement rendering.

Patch Highlights

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some settlement buildings to placed outside of the flattened area
  • Fixed an issue that could cause two NPCs to occupy the same chair
  • Improved the behaviors of settlement NPCs, so that they group up and converse more often
  • Fixed an issue that could cause two identical NPCs to be spawned for a settlement decision
  • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple bases on the same planet to share screenshots when viewed on the teleporter page
  • Fixed an issue that prevented ladders from working correctly when placed in cuboid rooms
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some corner pieces from snapping correctly
  • The base building recolor menu now has hover tips to display the name of the color
  • Improved the snapping behavior of a large number of base parts
  • Fixed an issue that caused some islands to disappear, leaving player bases floating or mission-related buildings underwater
  • Fixed a crash related to interactable objects
  • Fixed a crash related to base and settlement rendering
  • Fixed a physics-related crash

No Man’s Sky: Frontiers Patch 3.68 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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