'No Man's Sky' 1.22 Patch Notes: New Update Improves Path Finders With Geobays On Every Planet

No Man's Sky Buggy 2
A buggy vehicle is rumored to come to 'No Man's Sky.' eegandj / reddit

Hello Games delivered a new Path Finder update for No Man's Sky on March 8. The new Path Finder update introduces three unique land-based vehicles. The Nomad is a light hovercraft that is capable of zipping over water. Next, the Roamer is a four-wheel buggy that is versatile over rocky terrain. Finally, the Colossus is a big truck that can be best used to haul resources back to base.

What's more, the update adds more components for base building in No Man's Sky. Bases can also be saved on the Steam Workshop, enabling other No Man's Sky visitors to visit and rate your base. 

The latest No Man's Sky update is an optimistic sign, especially for long-time fans that want the game to receive continued support over the long term. But apparently Hello Games didn't end there – a new No Man's Sky 1.22 update added new improvements based on players' feedback and just went live on Monday for PS4 and PC.

First off, the current version will only allow players to build land vehicles on their own planet. Thankfully, the new patch allows players to construct Exocraft Geobays to build new vehicles in whatever planet they wish to traverse. For example, a player will now be able to keep a Colossus on a moon in order to optimize mining. The new patch also give players a new HUD marker to more easily find vehicle bays.


Check out the full No Man's Sky 1.22 update patch notes below:

  • HUD markers have been added to allow you to easily navigate back to an Exocraft Geobay
  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicle weapons and mining lasers not to drain charge
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Starship cockpit to vanish when exiting
  • Fixed some freighter door texture issues
  • Fixed a rare crash when scanning from a vehicle
  • Fixed a rare crash when feeding creatures
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapons to miss-fire when using Plasma Launcher
  • During warp, the quick menu now hides properly as intended
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