Nioh 2 Making Difficulty Changes Based On Beta Feedback

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Nioh 2's open beta has come to a close and developer Team Ninja is using player feedback to make a bunch of extensive changes and balances.

Nioh 2 is set to release on March 13 and the open beta was hosted back in November, which is quite rare for single-player games. Now that the open beta is over, Team Ninja's creative director, Tom Lee, shared a list of changes and balancing that the studio is bringing to Nioh 2 based on player feedback. Although the list is quite small at the moment, it is evident from the developer's efforts that Team Ninja wants Nioh 2 to be a more accessible, more rewarding, and less confusing experience.

Lee stated that certain parts of the game were unreasonably difficult, which will lead to a difficulty rebalance. Balancing adjustments are being brought to all Yokai actions and several special moves are being strengthened. Lee also mentioned that there are going to be some modifications in areas of punishments dealt in the Dark Realm.

Here are some of the interesting changes the Team Ninja is bringing to Nioh 2:

  • The addition of a custom controls option that allows for "more flexible key configurations"
  • Add active skills to all weapons, especially the new hand axe and switchglaive
  • Adjust life and attack strength of enemies, and reduce Ki damage dealt to players
  • Adjust areas where multiple enemies are placed, and where enemies are placed in narrow spots as well as areas where it's possible to fall
  • Adjust the location of shrines so that "shrines that were in hard to find places will be easier to find"
  • Expand the Interim Tutorial to include basic actions and Yokai Shift controls
  • Increase the number of core stats that improve Ki Recovery and Ki Pulse
  • Add a system for saving and loading Active Skill settings

The full list of changes can be read here.

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