Nioh 2 - The Complete Edition Arriving on PC February 2

Good news for PC players.
Good news for PC players. Koei Temco

When Nioh 2 was first released, PC players felt the sting since it was only available for PlayStation. However, their pain may go away with a PC version ready for release. Yes, Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition is launching on February 2 through Steam.

Like the PS4 version, players get to meet a wide range of enemies as they journey across Sengoku-era Japan as well as the Dark Realm. That’s not all as PC players also get to play around with the multiplayer feature and get help to go through both the base story and three expansions.

Three DLCs

Three DLCs are included in this edition with the first one titled The Tengu’s Disciple. Set during the end of the Heian period, this is the time when Genji and Heike are at odds with each other. This leads to a battle that later serves as the prologue of the story that is Nioh 2.

The next DLC is Darkness in the Capital and occurs in the middle of the Heian period. At this point in time, evil spirits and yokai are running rampant across Japan. Players need to discover what connection lies between a distant past and the period where they came from.

Finally, there is The First Samurai wherein players are sent to the beginning of the Heian period where they again face Otakemaru.

Three Modes

Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition is offering three different multi-hero experiences. The first of these is Bloody Graves where players get to summon Revenants, and then, fight them to earn not only experience but also loot. The Revenants are actually the specters of other players but controlled by AI.

Benevolent Graves is a bit similar to Bloody Graves in the sense that summoned spirits are AI-controlled. However, when you offer Ochoko Cups to them, the spirits fight alongside you.

Finally, there is the Co-op Mode that can be found at the Torii Gate. In this one, players fight together in real-time to beat the yokai. While it is possible to resurrect companions mid-fight, there are no checkpoints that players can rely on.

The PC Experience

For either single-player or multiplayer, PC players get to experience these features:

  • 4K Ultra-HD support.
  • Ultra-wide-screen compatibility.
  • HDR monitor support.
  • 144Hz monitor support.
  • full mouse and keyboard customization support.
  • gamepad compatibility.

Limited Time Bonus

There’s a limited-time bonus for those who buy the game through Steam. From February 5 to February 26, players get to download for free the Ornate Gold Armour and Sohaya Deserter Gar, which they can use in their adventures.

PC players can pre-purchase the game here.

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