Nintendo Switch's Recent Update Allows Screenshot Transfer to Your Smartphone

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Nintendo Switch received a new firmware update today. It allows players to wirelessly transfer their screenshots to their smartphones. The official Nintendo of America Twitter page shared an image to show how the feature works on an updated handheld console.

When transferring screenshots, players have two options - to post the image directly on social media or send it to their smartphone. However, it seems that players need to scan the QR code on their Switch console. The smartphone camera has to scan the code before they can transfer the images.

Players can transfer 10 images at a time from the console to their smartphones. We certainly love sharing our gaming moments with our friends on social media. But until now, we had to transfer screenshots via SD card to a computer or smartphone before posting it to a certain social media platform. The direct transfer of images to the smartphone should come as a treat to players. This is welcome to those who regularly share their gaming moments online.

In September, the Nintendo Switch also received an important eShop feature. This enabled players to cancel pre-orders and digital purchases right from the console. Before, players would have to contact Nintendo customer care to place a cancel request. So, the eShop feature was well-received by fans, and the same has been the case with the current update.

Besides screenshot transfers, the update also brings extras. Automatic cloud save data downloads and a new "Trending" section are now added. Plus, a shortcut to jump right into the Nintendo Switch Online Services and game download prioritization.

In related news, the Nintendo Switch will get Id Software's Doom Eternal on December 8. Bethesda Softworks dropped an announce trailer earlier today highlighting how Doom Eternal looks and performs on Switch.

The Nintendo Switch's firmware update 11.0.0 is now available.

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