Nintendo Switch Scratched Screens Are Caused By Dock: Here's How To Protect Your Game Console

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The Nintendo Switch consoles are not even a week old, but many owners are already starting to see some early signs of wear and tear. According to reports, the console's own charging dock is causing scratches on the Nintendo Switch's big 6.2-inch LCD screen. 

The scratches reportedly occur when a gamer casually slides the Switch into the plastic dock, which does not feature a soft rubber or suede finish to protect the console's face. What's more, gamers that are still getting used to the device will be even more likely to get scratches while juggling a Switch inside the dock in an attempt to successfully insert the console into the USB-C prong. What's more, gamers that take their Nintendo Switch and dock along for a commute will be prone to scratches as well. 

"We've been super careful with our Switch since it arrived a little over a week ago," reported Glixel. "And we've been keeping it nestled comfortably in one of Miguel's giant woolen socks whenever we transport it."

So how can you protect your Nintendo Switch's screen? Well, the easiest and most effective solution would be to simply apply a screen protector over the Switch to avoid damage. For approximately $10 at Walmart, it's well worth protecting your $300 device. Another solution is put a soft cloth or microfiber fabric inside the dock, particularly on surfaces where the dock and the Switch's screen meet. 

Before you go out and buy a screen protector and other Switch accessories, we have one last disclaimer. On Friday, we reported that adhesive skin company DBrand shared a number of tweets that revealed the aftermath of the Nintendo Switch after protective skins were applied. Apparently, the adhesive material has also caused the outer coatings on the Switch and its JoyCons to disintegrate. Click here to learn more about how the Nintendo Switch's coating reacts to adhesive custom skins

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