No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Unveiled For Nintendo Switch

Travis Touchdown is coming back.
Travis Touchdown is coming back. Grasshopper Manufacture

Nintendo has finally unveiled No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, during its Nindies presentation on upcoming indie games for the Switch. Travis Strikes Again is the third in the No More Heroes series, the first since 2010.

Like the other games in the series, Travis Strikes Again will be directed by idiosyncratic japanese director Suda51. I first learned about Suda51 when Killer7, his first U.S. release, came out on GameCube. Though published by Capcom, Killer7 had more in common with a modern indie than most other games at the time. Despite polarizing reviews, it became a cult success. The current gaming climate, that is far more accepting of strange, unique experiences, may be a much more hospitable environment for Suda51 to create.

No More Heroes was Suda51’s Wii followup to Killer7. While a more traditional game than Killer7 , it still featured Suda51’s unique style, tone and design. No More Heroes was known for being a riff on the tropes of gaming, with characters actively aware they are in a videogame.

We have little info on Travis Strikes Again beyond a 2018 release date, a landing page and a trailer. In the trailer, Bats, the father of Bad Girl from the first game, seeks revenge on Travis for the death of his daughter. After a brief fight, they are sucked into a game console, where it seems much of the gameplay will take place. The trailer features Suda51’s unique style and meta-gaming references.

Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture has also teamed up with other indie developers for the game, most notably the makers of Shovel Knight. It looks like Travis Strikes Again will take the tone of the series to the next level, with Travis and Bats battling inside of real-life indie games. ( Hotline Miami is even featured in the trailer.) I’m always curious to try anything Suda51 makes and it looks like the Switch will finally fulfill what Nintendo has failed at since the Wii, creating a home for indie developers.

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