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A new system update is available for Nintendo Switch, and it introduces a very interesting feature. Now, you can download game patches even when the console’s storage is full.

Games nowadays require plenty of storage. That is understandable since they often have better graphics than ever before. Aside from that, new content comes out regularly which makes it necessary to invest in more storage. You can do so using a microSD card.

However, there are times where you download quite a lot of games into your console that even an external storage solution won’t be enough. Fortunately, that wouldn’t be a problem with the Nintendo Switch’s latest update.

Version 12.1.0

The company recently released system Version 12.1.0. For those who don't know the details, here are the patch notes:

Added the following system functionality:

  • If there is not enough space remaining on the system memory (internal storage) or microSD card when downloading game software update data, you can now delete old data for that software, enabling you to download the new data.
  • When deleting the old data, you won't be able to play the game until the new data has finished downloading.
  • General system stability improvements have been made to enhance the user's experience.

Although it can be seen as a minor patch at first glance, it actually provides a nifty feature for Switch users.

In the event that your console or microSD card is full and there is an update for at least one game in your library, you can still download the update, provided that you delete the game’s old data first.

As you can see from the patch notes, you cannot play the game if its new data hasn’t been downloaded yet, so be patient until it has been installed in your console.

Even though it isn’t mentioned, some users have reported that there is also a minor update for the console’s Joy-Con controllers.

For those who do not know how to download it, you simply go to the System Settings and then choose “Controllers and Sensors” from the left.

Scroll all the way down and pick “Update Controllers.” Then you just wait until everything is installed. Again, it is unclear what has changed here, but it may have introduced some performance improvements.

As for the improvements to the general system stability, these may imply that any of the lingering issues that the problematic Version 12.0.3 has introduced may have been fixed in this update.

Have you downloaded the new system update yet? If so, how’s your experience with the console, particularly with the controllers?

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