Nintendo Switch Hardware Issues, Dead Pixels And Joycon Issues Plague Early Adopters

The horrible face of a mangled Nintendo Switch USGamer

The Nintendo Switch has been out for just a couple of days, which means fans are finally able to get their hands on the highly anticipated Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Well, they could, if the switch hardware wasn’t so full of bugs, problems and technical issues. YouTuber CrowbCat has collected just some of the videos around the web, showing the Switch screen glitching out, dead pixels after just opening the box and so many more issues.

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It’s impossible not to have hiccups after the launch of a major console, but these are more than just rare opening day problems. Joycons won’t register if you move more than five feet away from the console, and if you try to put the wrist mounts on the wrong way they get permanently stuck or your console can just stop working entirely.

If your Nintendo Switch glitches out like a pixelated hell spawn, or is just unable to turn on, you aren’t the only one. If you are unable to get the console working, the only thing you can do is return the defective model and hope for better luck next time. I had to deal with Microsoft customer support when my Xbox 360 was dealing with the red ring of death, and I wouldn’t wish console death on my worst enemy.

Hopefully, the Nintendo Switch will bounce back from it’s bumpy launch and bring Nintendo back a time when Mario dominated the world. Or, we can just get another Wii U on our hands and watch Nintendo slowly devolve into a mobile freemium gaming company.

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