The Ninja Warriors: Once Again Plans Western Release

Slated for a PS4 and Switch release in July.
The Ninja Warriors: Once Again will see a Western release in July.
The Ninja Warriors: Once Again will see a Western release in July. Taito Corporation

It has been almost 9 years since Taito Corporation released a video game in the western market, their last one being the 3DS title Puzzle Bobble Universe. This makes the announcement that they will be releasing a reboot of one of their originals is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Classic side-scroller remake The Ninja Warriors: Once Again will be released in North America and Europe, as announced by the Japanese publisher. After declaring in the past month that The Ninja Warriors: Once Again will be released only in its native Japan sometime in July 2019, a follow up has revealed that the game will also be arriving in the aforementioned regions. Germany-based publisher United Games will also be at the helm of this expansion.

The title is based on the original 1994 The Ninja Warriors, which in turn was based on its arcade game predecessor originally released in 1987. We are assuming it will still revolve around the same plot: a dystopian future where the United States government holds autocratic rule over the country. Players hold control of androids created by anarchist scientists with the intent of revolting against the government led by the tyrannical Banglar.

In the original 1994 SNES title, players have the freedom to choose which robot is being controlled, each with a different playstyle. You can either play as The Ninja, who is the most powerful, but is on the less nimble side. Kamaitachi is the opposite, and relies on quickness to compensate for weaker attacks. If a balanced approach is your cup of tea, Kunoichi is the android for you. There are still no announcements as to whether the 2019 reboot will hold the same premise.

Based on its trailer revealed in September last year, The Ninja Warriors: Once Again will retain the SNES original’s 16-bit style. However, it’s expected that Taito will attempt to add some tweaks to the aesthetics, such as improved sound mechanics and visuals to cater to modern audiences. There's also the fact that consoles have greatly jumped in terms of technical abilities as well. Game mechanics should also be expected to improve, such as AI behavior and the presence of patterns which are always existent in side-scroller & beat ‘em up games.

A release for The Ninja Warriors: Once Again is expected in July on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with limited-edition physical copies available through publisher Strictly Limited Games.

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