Nightmare Forge Releases Trailer for Mickey Mouse-centric Horror Game Infestation 88

Can you guess who's lurking in the shadows? Nightmare Forge Games

One of the biggest news in entertainment is Mickey Mouse now in public domain. Now before you get too hyped up, this is the Steamboat Willie version and not the more modern incarnations. Even then a lot of people continue to be excited with the prospect of releasing content related to this iconic character.

One of these is Nightmare Forge Games who seem to have been preparing for the day when the copyright of that Mickey Mouse version expires. The studio didn't simply announce that they were making a horror video game that can be best described as Mickey-centric. They even dropped a teaser trailer for it. Titled as Infestation 88, you can watch the trailer below:

If you've watched the trailer, for sure you've gotten a peek at a grotesque-looking Mickey Mouse. The thing is, they're now allowed to do that. However, the studio did release a disclaimer and part of which states that whatever they created hasn't "been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by any original authors of said works." This actually makes their case to use the public domain character stronger. Basically, what they're doing is telling everyone that they did make a character based on that but Walt Disney had nothing to do with it.

What's the game all about? It's set in the year 1988 and it focuses on what initially is thought to be an outbreak of vermin but turns in something that's far more sinister. The game features an episodic format where 1 to 4 players get to play on the role of exterminators and are tasked with treating these mysterious infestations.

Here are some of the other features of the game to look forward to:

  • Private & Public Lobbies
    • Play with friends, join a public lobby, or even play alone.
  • Proximity & Global Voice Chat
    • Communicate with the team using both in-game positional and global voice chat.
  • Strategize the Mission
    • Spread out to treat the infestation faster or stick together for safety.
  • Find the source
    • Explore unique locations and uncover the story behind how each infestation began.
    • Find the means to access and unlock new areas.
    • Use cameras to keep an eye on activity.
    • Maintain power to enable different systems.
  • Treat the infestation
    • Utilize different of extermination gear to subdue the outbreak.
    • Eradicate all nests and monstrous fiends lurking throughout.
    • Do what needs to be done just don't fall victim to the infestation's spread.
  • Survive
    • Prepare to face and eliminate a horrific entity, with each episode containing a distinct classic character or urban legend responsible for the infestation.

What do you think? Excited to try out the game? Wishlist Infestation 88 on Steam now.

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