Night Call Gets PC Release For Game Pass And Steam On July 17

Featuring Kavinsky's hit single 'Nightcall.'
Night Call will finally see release on July 17 for both Game Pass and Steam.
Night Call will finally see release on July 17 for both Game Pass and Steam. Raw Fury

Neo-noir mystery game Night Call will be coming to PC via Steam and Xbox One’s Game Pass this month, publisher Raw Fury announced.

As described on their official site, players control a taxi driver in the City of Love, Paris. As a taxi driver, you know every dark corner and suspicious alleyway of the city like it’s the back of your hand. You drive every day to pay your bills, your car and your license. You meet a multitude of people every day that are both unique and similar to each other. They are similar in the fact that in your typical taxi ride, you either talk to them or they talk to you. The semblance of secrecy and the quality of randomness in a taxi trip makes these strangers talk to you like you are their priest in a confessional box, or a trusted confidant they have known their whole life.

Your daily routine is turned upside-down when the recent string of murders that is plaguing your city is revealed by the police to be connected to each other. More specifically, they are connected to you. The victims have at one point in time all rode in your taxi. You want to help, but the circumstances also lead the police to suspect you, since you are the last person to see the latest victim alive before they were murdered.

The gameplay revolves around conversations with your patrons. Using the innate charm that a taxi backseat gives, you investigate the murders by uncovering clues from your passengers. What they’ve seen, what they’ve heard will help you get one step closer to clearing your name and ridding the city of the unknown killer.

Night Call, from its brief trailer at E3 2018, is undoubtedly a gorgeous game. The neo-noir imagery fits the tone and story of the game perfectly, along with its soundtrack that is reminiscent of gritty action-drama film Drive and its memorable opening sequence. Coincidentally, the song in the opening sequence is titled Nightcall by French producer Kavinsky.

Night Call currently has a set release date of July 17 for the PC on Steam. It’s expected to be the same for the Xbox One.

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