Niantic Wants Pokémon Go To Be Easier For Rural Players

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In an attempt to cater to smaller communities, the studio is looking to improve some of the game's in-game mechanics.
In an attempt to cater to smaller communities, the studio is looking to improve some of the game's in-game mechanics. Niantic

Some Pokémon Go players, particularly those in rural areas, have been complaining about not getting enough spawns in these areas. While Niantic is aware of the ongoing issue, the studio has not really found a solution to fully address it. Interestingly, the game’s developers are looking to make it more balanced for players located in different areas. This was confirmed via an announcement the studio made recently.

Notably, the Pokémon Go developer mentioned that it has started testing the possibility of “providing more items in areas with fewer PokéStops." The goal, according to the official announcement, is to introduce more “different shop bundles, and tailoring raid levels to fit the communities where the raids appear.”

These promised changes from Niantic are without a doubt a significant step for players in rural areas. After all, playing the hit mobile game in smaller towns has proven to be a difficult one since they are less populated with PokéStops and Pokémon spawn points. As such, players are having a hard time getting items, not to mention the fact that there is less of a chance to complete difficult raids.

It remains to be seen, however, as to what tests were specifically run by Niantic. It would also be interesting to know if these tests were meant for certain events. In addition, it is unclear whether the studio is suggesting that it will make tier-five raids much easier for Pokémon Go players in rural areas, or if only lower tier raids are expected to spawn in those areas. If it is the latter, then it would make a lot more sense since they are easier to complete without the help of other players.

While players continue to discuss obtaining more items from PokéStops, it is unclear how raids have changed so far, especially with the new efforts Niantic has introduced in the past few weeks. Obviously, none of these changes are currently widespread or are going to stay indefinitely. However, if they indeed find their way to rural areas, it will be a huge help for players in smaller towns.

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