How Much Does The Pokémon Go Early-Access Ticket Cost?

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The ticket will remain on sale in the in-game store until November 2.
The ticket will remain on sale in the in-game store until November 2. Niantic

Pokémon Go has a new form of money-making and it is in the form of an $8 ticket specifically designed for an in-game event. The ticket is reportedly listed as “$7.99 – or equivalent to the player’s local currency" – and is expected to remain on sale in the in-game store until November 2.

For only $8, players can obtain a Special Research “story event” that includes an “early-access encounter” with Regigigas. Plus, there are a whole lot of other things that players can enjoy.

For starters, the access Pokémon Go players get to Regigigas is via an encounter. In other words, players can catch the pocket monster as a reward for accomplishing some tasks in the game. This is obviously a bit different from the next time this Pokémon will appear in the game. That is because it is going to be an EX Pokémon Raid Boss, which is taking place in November. What is more, the event will be open to everyone who is able to obtain access to all standard Pokémon raid battles.

Interestingly, the ticket flips a switch in Pokémon Go and activates access to several exclusive perks. They are as follows.

  • Colossal Discovery medal
  • Exclusive avatar pose (Special Research Reward)
  • Regigigas encounter (Special Research Reward)
  • Special Research story event: A Colossal Discovery
  • Sinnoh Stone (Special Research Reward)
  • Up to 10 extra raid passes*
  • Unova Stone (Special Research Reward)

*NOTE: These raid passes will work similarly to normal raid passes in that players will not be able to hold more than one at once. These raid passes can be found by simply spinning Photo Discs at Pokémon Gyms. If trainers are able to get ahold of one of these passes at the end of the event, it is expected to disappear.

During the event, Pokémon Go players will be introduced to Regirock, Regice, and Registeel in 5-star raids. Not only do they need to defeat these pocket monsters, but they also must find a way to capture all three. Otherwise, they will be unable to complete the Special Research tasks required for Regigigas. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel will be in 5-star raids for everyone, not just ticket holders, but they will only be around for a limited time.

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