New World: Expedition Mutators Enabled in Summer PTR Patch 2

Summer PTR Patch 2
Summer PTR Patch 2 Twitter/@playnewworld

The summer PTR for New World got a new update recently that enabled mutators for the new Barnacles and Black Powder expedition. In Patch 2, players interested in taking on this new endgame content will be happy to know that newly-created characters now have a gear score of 625 instead of 600. This is to help playtest the new dungeon mutators for the said expedition. It is worth noting that this only applies to the public test realm (PTR).

To make it easier for players to get into groups and test the Barnacles and Black Powder expedition, the Group Finder feature is re-enabled.

Aside from the things just mentioned, Patch 2 has updated the Explosive Arrow ability as well. This bow ability is improved in a couple of ways. One, the startup of the attack is reduced to 14 frames, meaning that the animation is much faster than before. Two, players can now walk while using the ability - a major quality-of-life change for those who mainly use bows in New World.

Here are the other things implemented in this update:

  • Fixed an issue with capture point ground fills not rendering properly after the point is claimed in War.
  • Fixed an issue in Wars and Invasions where the top menu navigation bar was not working properly when exiting a turret with a ranged weapon equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Shirking Heals” perk was not functioning.
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose an item if they had full storage while abandoning a house with one housing item inside.
  • Increased Smolderhide and Scarhide drop rates from skinning and aptitude boxes.
Musical Instruments
  • Added a filter to the song selection menu to only show songs that can be played.
  • Added compatibility for officially supported language keyboards.
  • Instruments that break during a performance now get unequipped, preventing the start of another performance.
Barnacles and Black Powder
  • Admiral Blackpowder now dies with the appropriate vocals and explosion sound effects.
  • Distant powder keg explosion sound effects no longer occur when walking near the Dry Rum Passage.
  • Updated the quest rewards for the Barnacles and Black Powder expedition quests to give equipment and gypsum orbs.
  • Partially reverted expedition coin drop reductions. Now reducing coin by 50% from values prior to July whereas previously it was previously an 80% reduction.

New World Summer PTR Patch 2 is available on PC.

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