New World: Summer Medleyfaire Update Introduces Musical Instruments, New Expedition, and Group Finder

Summer Medleyfaire Update
Summer Medleyfaire Update Amazon Game Studios

Things are about to get festive as New World celebrates the Summer Medleyfaire event. The highlight of the affair is the musical instruments that provide musicians and audiences buffs depending on which songs are played.

There are five musical instruments in the Summer Medleyfaire Update, including the guitar, mandolin, upright bass, drums, and Azoth flute. There are currently 31 songs that players can collect and master as well. One can choose to play solo or be in a group of up to five adventurers.

Completing the Summer Medleyfaire quests gives players some starter songs and instruments. Pressing the F5 key will initiate a performance, and doing so rewards players with trade XP and buffs. Here are the buffs and effects in order of progression:

  • Decidedly Dexterous: Gathering speed increases by 75% for 30 to 90minutes.
  • Territorial Triumph: Territory standing bonus increases by 10% to 30% for 30 to 90 minutes.
  • All Together Now: Group character XP sharing bonus increases by 4% to 15% for 30 to 90minutes.
  • Song in your Step: Reduces player encumbrance by 200 to 1,000 for 30 to 90minutes.
  • Fortune’s Favor: Gathering yield increases by 3% to 10% for 30 to 90 minutes.
  • Luck’s Labor: Gathering luck increases by 2% to 5% for 30 to 90 minutes.

A masterful performance will give players more trade XP and stronger buffs.

As mentioned earlier, spectators can also receive buffs if they toss a coin to the performers as a tip.

New Expedition

Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition
Barnacles & Black Powder Expedition Amazon Game Studios

The new Barnacles & Black Powder expedition in New World will be unlocked a week after the Summer Medleyfaire Update goes live. In this expedition, players will go against Admiral Blackpowder and his dastardly crew.

Players will be offered loot and renown for completing the new expedition via the quest givers in the Cutlass Keys settlement, as well as the new docks on the territory’s eastern shore.

Group Finder

New Feature: Expedition Group Finder
New Feature: Expedition Group Finder Amazon Game Studios

Expeditions in New World are end-game, instanced activities that require five players to complete successfully. Those who are accustomed to playing the game solo might have a hard time assembling a group of brave adventurers on their own, until now.

To address that, the developers introduced a new feature in the Summer Medleyfaire Update called the Expedition Group Finder. This allows players to find groups interested in doing specific expeditions so that they can party up and get things started.

One can browse through different groups or create a request themselves so that others can join in. Furthermore, the player can set a variety of options, such as their preferred team role, minimum gear score, mastery levels, etc.

The Summer Medleyfaire Update for New World is now available on PC.

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