New World: Save Your Fave Equip Presets with New Gear Set Storage in Fellowship & Fire Update

Fellowship & Fire Update
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New World is a beautifully crafted MMORPG with tons of content that you can explore. However, it does need some new features to make it even better, such as a way for you to change gears quickly and easily. Well, in the recently released Fellowship & Fire update, you can now save your equipment to different loadouts and switch between them at any time thanks to the new Gear Set Storage feature.

What Is It?

Gear Set Storage is a new feature in New World where you can set your loadouts and switch between them with a single button. To access this, press the new icon located at the bottom of the inventory screen.

Now, there are two ways to set your equipment loadouts. The first is by pressing the “Import All” button. Doing so will automatically save your currently equipped gears into a loadout.

The second is by manually dragging the items you want to save into the Gear Set Storage. This is a more cumbersome process but the beauty here is that you can truly customize your loadout without having to equip the items first. You can even use the same gear piece in multiple loadouts if you desire.

Alt Character Change in PvP

The Fellowship & Fire update also implemented a significant change where you’re now required to declare one “PvP Active” character. This will be the only one you can use to fight in a war. However, all of your characters can engage in other PvP modes like Outpost Rush or Arenas regardless of PvP Active status. This change was made as a way to prevent you from using multiple characters in territory wars.


  • Prevented message spamming when trying to start a performance while in combat.
  • Made sure that players could collide with training dummies inside sanctuaries.
  • Improved the appearance of shadows that are far in the distance.
  • The Dusty Paw Packleader now spawns faster.
  • Resolved an issue where Town Boards would not always show all applicable quests.
  • Updated the Brimstone Sands Town Project to exclude a quest that needs Lynx's to be completed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to fail most active Town Project missions when joining a Faction for the first time.
  • Ginger Hovel is no longer on the Town Projects board as it no longer exists.
  • Fixed an issue that made Town Projects featuring The Spread impossible to complete.
  • Updated the Bradbury Fields quest to reflect the new POI name.
  • Fixed an issue where certain defeat enemy tasks wouldn't progress as expected.
  • Tasks that require the player to gather items will now update correctly even when the items are in the global storage.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck inside of Corrupted Breaches when standing in their spawn location.
  • Updated the PVP Flagging tool-tip to include the previously unmentioned Gathering and Global Luck bonuses.

So, what can you say about the new Gear Set Storage in New World Fellowship & Fire update?

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