New World: Legacy of Crassus Event Starts February 21

Can you survive the General's legacy?
Can you survive the General's legacy? Amazon

A new event is launching to New World later this month. The Legacy of Crassus starts February 21 and ends March 7 and it tasks players with hunting down the monstrous captains of General Crassus and banishing the shadow of Roman tyranny.

The Legacy

This event isn't about General Crassus but his most loyal soldiers determined to carry on a final mission which is the invasion of the southern lands. This Corrupted Legion has transformed the land into barren dirt, mud, and dust. Meanwhile, tall banners extend upward while small fires burn along the ground. The Elite Legionnaire soldiers patrol the perimeter while the Signifer Nerva casts a spell in the middle.

A portal opens and crimson eyes glare through the magical abyss. They seem to blink simultaneously but grow farther apart. Each mighty stomp magnifies their size and ferocity. Water ripples and tents collapse as two hulking figures emerge to a deafening silence.

These are the cyclops captains of Crassus Lucanus and Decimus. As they raise their arms, their massive weapons extend upward. The shadow of Roman tyranny creeps ever closer to consuming Aeternum. This is the Legacy of Crassus.

The captains are level 66 and those who defeat them get event-specific items, including Lucanus weapons and Decimus armor. There are also standard weapons, armor, and consumables. To make sure that the rewards are received, players need to deal at least 1,000 damage.

Daily Rewards

Once a day, players earn a special cache containing one of the legendary pieces of gear after defeating the world bosses. Players are also guaranteed to receive every reward after defeating them eight times. Rewards include:

  • Wrath of Decimus - Great Axe
  • Hoplites Great Blade - Great Sword
  • Cuirass of Decimus - Heavy Chest Armor
  • Fists of Decimus - Heavy Gauntlets
  • Sagittar of Lucanus - Bow
  • Vesuvius - Fire Staff
  • Galea of Lucanus - Medium Helm
  • Hobnailed Boots of Lucanus - Medium Boots
  • Players will also get:
    • 1 - 3 Obsidian Gypsum
    • 500 Umbral Shards
  • A special Craft Mod that can be used to add powerful effects to crafted items. (25% chance)

As a reminder, daily rewards reset at 5:00 p.m. local time.

New World is available on PC.

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