New World: Latest Update Introduces a New Physics Collision System

New World February 25 Update
New World February 25 Update Amazon Game Studios

The latest update for New World is now available, and it introduces a lot of bug fixes and improvements. However, one notable change helps make the collision between players and creatures better. This update also implements the changes introduced in this month's PTR to live servers.

New System

The developers have introduced a new Player vs. AI collision system that significantly reduces the amount of pushback when monsters collide with players. In its current state, this only applies to simple-shaped and bipedal creatures, such as the Corrupted, Ancient Guardians, and Lost Pirates, among others. This will be improved to work with quadruped and long creatures in the future.

In addition, the target evaluation algorithm has been improved to resolve issues where monsters would attack locations the player has already moved away from.

Anyway, some balancing changes and fixes have been applied to Chardis, the last boss of the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition. First, Chardis’ damage has been increased by 25% across the board, plus an increase in the damage of the base laser during Phases 1 and 2. His final laser now deals 15% HP as damage per second as well. Furthermore, the length of the stun phase is increased by five seconds.


  • Fixed an issue where Taxodius mini-boss can be killed and looted twice in a single instance
  • Addressed missing collision that allowed players to leave the intended playable space in the Depths
  • Fixed an issue where players could build camps off of each other to reach high locations using environmental features
  • Removed extra tendrils in Sha Makogai and Sunken Aspect POIs and toned down the enemy count in Sunken Aspect for solo play
  • Adjusted loot chest at Adamant Mine in Monarch's Bluffs to increase the challenge
  • Added more lights in Lower Slag Mine
  • Reduced the pushback on a block from most enemy creature attacks to 0
  • Siren Arena Boss
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Siren from attacking players at the edge of the arena
  • Reduced the Desiccated timer to 45 seconds
  • Normalized curse damage to ensure that curses are always a threat to players of any health pool size
    • Censored damage normalized to 65% base health
    • Desiccated damage normalized to 50% base health
Weapon Swapping
  • You can now swap weapons during hit-reactions, dodges, traversal and while using consumables (except weapon coatings)
  • This will not interrupt those actions. There's a 1-second swap cooldown in these cases
  • Weapon swap buffers will no longer be canceled if you are staggered before the swap can occur
Dodging and Blocking
  • We have shortened the recovery time for all of our dodges. Transitioning to movement after a dodge should feel more fluid for all players now
  • Basic attack startups (melee and ranged) can now be dodged and block canceled up to 2 frames before the first active frame

You can read the full patch notes on New World’s official website.

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