New World Shifts to Seasonal Model with First Season Starting March 28

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A big change is coming to New World. That's because the game is shifting to a seasonal model with the first being titled “Fellowship & Fire” beginning March 28. Like most games, there will be a season pass offering two reward tracks: free and premium.

A season lasts for three months and presents new threats, festivities, features, and gameplay experiences. Basically, each season expands New World by offering more content on a more regular cadence while also integrating a new model for each type of player.

The Season Pass

The season pass is a way for players to earn rewards by playing the game. They can earn Season XP, level up, and unlock rewards as they progress through different activities. The Free Track offers helpful rewards including new skins, pets, Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, seasonal weapons and armor, Umbral Shards, Gypsum Orbs, and caches of materials.

The Premium Track, on the other hand, is purchasable for players level 25 or higher. This track offers extra rewards like cosmetics, Marks of Fortune, Boost Tokens, and even more seasonal loot. Players can choose the Premium Track at any time during the season and retroactively receive all eligible rewards. Once the season ends, any unearned unique seasonal rewards are vaulted.

Season One Content

Here's what players can expect in Fellowship & Fire:

  • New Story: The Silver Crows
    • Assemble an elite team of mercenaries called the Silver Crows to help their first client, Skye the Spear-daughter.
    • They've been asked to confront a powerful warlock and the Varangian horde to put a stop to their ambitions amidst the flames of a brand-new expedition.
  • New Expedition: Empyrean Forge
    • The Empyrean Forge is a new Level 60+ expedition set in the Great Cleave.
    • Team up with Sir Loth, a knight of Artorius, to stop the flow of mysterious magic deep within a necropolis.
  • New Heartrune Ability: Fire Storm
    • Create a tornado that damages targets in its path.
    • Players can also craft more powerful versions of the Heartgem to fit their playstyle.
  • New Mechanic: Gear Set Storage
    • Players can get to save and switch between their favorite gear sets after reaching level 25.
    • Additional slots can be earned through the season pass or purchased with Marks of Fortune.

New World is available on PC.

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