New Star Wars Game Being Developed by Uncharted Creator Amy Hennig

New Star Wars game
New Star Wars game Skydance New Media

Disney is putting that Star Wars IP to good use. We will soon be getting one more SW -based project. Skydance New Media announced yesterday that it is making a new Star Wars game in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games.

New Star Wars Game

The upcoming title will be a narrative-driven action-adventure game that features an original story. Though no release window or targeted platform was announced, and we also don’t know if it will be linear or open-world. However, given the background of the people involved, I expect an action-focused linear experience.

About the Developer

Skydance New Media is a relatively new studio founded in 2019 by Amy Hennig, a prominent writer and game director. The game studio has yet to put out any games. However, given the talent behind this company, we are sure that the final game will be high quality.

Amy Hennig is an industry legend who has worked on many games, including Legacy of Kain and Jak and Daxter. She is also the creator of Uncharted and has directed the first three games in the franchise.

"I’ve often described how seeing Star Wars in 1977 essentially rewired my 12-year-old brain, shaping my creative life and future indelibly. I’m elated to be working with Lucasfilm Games again to tell interactive stories in this galaxy that I love," said Amy Hennig, president of Skydance New Media.

This is the second time Amy Hennig will be working on a Star Wars game. Previously, she was involved in a Star Wars project at Visceral Games. But it was ultimately canceled by EA while the studio was later defunct.

Another Marvel-based Project

The upcoming SW game will be the second project of Skydance New Media. The developer is also working on a Marvel-based project, and information about that title is scarce as well. I guess we will have to wait before we get to see the big details about any of the two titles.

So what do you think? Are you excited about the new Star Wars game? Or do you care more about the Marvel project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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