A New Ship and A New Weapon Arrives to Skull and Bones with Chorus of Havoc

Face a new threat with a new weapon. Ubisoft

Season 2: Chorus of Havoc is now live in Skull and Bones. There's a lot to be excited about like a new ship and even a new weapon type. There are also new threats that you have to face.

You see, La Peste may have been defeated but this has resulted in the megacorporations being angrier than ever. To eliminate all the pirates from the region, the Compagnie Royale has hired none other than the Hubac Twins, French opera-singers-turned-murderers. There's a lot to fear from the Hubac Twins especially since their Chorus Fleet can wreak havoc on your operations. They have homing torpedoes and even a whirlpool-forming buoy. The Chorus Fleet targets trade routes and known pirate outposts across the Indian Ocean.

The ship of the Hubac Twins has what's known as a wave shield. It's a new armor that's composed of movable plates and even each hull of the ship. The only downside is that when these plates open to allow the ship weapons to fire, the weak points are revealed.

Prepare the Springloader

There's no question that the Hubac Twins are a deadly threat. The good news is that you're getting new equipment to fight them. Get ready to experience what the Springloader has to offer. This auxiliary weapon shoots out buoys which then spawn floating minefields. It basically lets you create around your target an explosive area of denial.

Now there are two kinds of Springloader weapon. The first one is the Little Grace which you can earn by completing those seasonal contracts. The second one is the Infernal Maw which can be obtain through the Smugglers Pass.

Launch the Brig

In order to make use of the Springloader, you'll need to have a new ship. Dubbed as the Brig, this artificer class ship is a new engineer-themed ship that's been designed for the Springloader. The Brig isn't just the fastest ship in the game to date. It also lowers the reduces auxiliary reload time and even increases the effectiveness of deployed buoys after consecutive weapon hits.

When the Rhapsody of the Deep armor is equipped to the Brig, it lets you hold brace to charge up a sonic attack which can then damage nearby enemies. With this, you get a chance to beat the Hubac Twins at their own game.

Get Ready to Upgrade

To make sure that you have what it takes to go against the Hubac Twins, you can now upgrade your ships through Shipwright. Each ship has six possible upgrade levels which result in improving the stats of your ship. It also allows you to unlock new perks and even create those extra furniture slots.

What this means is that you can upgrade smaller ships so that it has a fighting chance when going against higher-level world events.

Aside from all these new stuff, the new season also introduces changes to The Helm which you can read more about here.

Skull and Bones was released in February 2024 and available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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