New RPG Silent Hope Arriving in October on Nintendo Switch and PC

Save the kingdom. XSeed Games

A new action RPG titled Silent Hope is expected to be launched on October 3. The game is made possible through a collaboration between XSEED Games, Marvelous Inc., and Marvelous Europe. It's going to be available on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam.

Pre-orders are expected to begin soon with the standalone base game available digitally for $39.99. A Physical Day 1 Edition is also going to be offered for Nintendo Switch, priced at $49.99. In addition to the base game, this edition comes with an art book and the soundtrack.

The Seven Wordless Warriors

Silent Hope is set in a once peaceful land, silenced by a former king who stole the speech of the people. This same king later escaped in an endless chasm called The Abyss. Saddened by these events, the princess mourned the actions of her father and wept until she became entombed by her very own crystallized tears.

Years later, these events have all but faded from the memory of the people. Now, seven heroes suddenly find themselves drawn toward the princess. To break her free from her own luminous prison, they must reunite the royal family by going to The Abyss and finding the long-lost king.

Enjoy a Dungeon Crawler

The game goes back to the days of isometric dungeon-crawlers while giving it a modern approach. Players take on the role of seven unlikely heroes where each has their own fighting styles, unique weapons, and non-combat jobs. After fighting enemies in The Abyss and collecting materials, the heroes can go back to their base camp where they can cook, craft, and rest to prepare for the next adventure.

Each adventure to The Abyss offers a fresh experience with randomized layouts, which guarantee that every journey has that element of chance. Of course, there are greater dangers simply waiting for those who dare to venture.

Game Features

Here are the key features of the game:

  • Seven Heroes, Seven Unique Fighting Styles
    • Choose from a crew of characters and find whose skills suit your playstyle.
    • Embrace new roles and abilities as you gain more experience.
  • A Home at the Edge of the World
    • Find new recipes and materials and return to your base camp.
    • With each character having a unique job, they're sure to bring something different.
  • Engaging Exploration and Dungeon-Crawling
    • Experience a new layout each time you enter The Abyss,
    • Keep an eye out for Memory Rifts where greater rewards and challenges await.
  • A Vibrant Storybook Aesthetic
    • The combination of different elements makes it feel like the game is a fairy tale come to life.

Are you ready to help the heroes save the kingdom?

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