New Resident Evil 3 Trailer Shows The Terrifying Nemesis

Nemesis RE3
Nemesis RE3 UHD Wallpaper

If you thought that Jill Valentine is starring in the Resident Evil 3 remake, you're wrong. The real star is the monstrous and terrifying bio-weapon, Nemesis. According to Capcom, the remade Nemesis is going to be brutal and unpredictable in the upcoming title. We only got a slight peek at this monstrosity in the Resident Evil 3 remake reveal trailer, but now Capcom has dropped another trailer showcasing how terrifying this giant can be. If you thought Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 was scary, you're in for a surprise in Resident Evil 3, where Nemesis is wielding a flamethrower to ruin your night.

In the original Resident Evil 3, Nemesis usually attacked Jill in set locations and points, but in the remake, he is going to come out of nowhere. Capcom confirmed that the developers have tweaked the AI that was originally built for Mr. X and made it more brutal for Nemesis. Nemesis will be able to hunt you down anywhere you go across Raccoon City. The bio-monster also has a laser-guided rocket launcher to kill you from afar.

Check out the Nemesis reveal trailer below.

Besides the highlight of the trailer, Nemesis, we also get a look at the interaction between Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira. We also hear a few word lines from Jill. If you have played the original Resident Evil 3, you must be familiar with Jill and Carlos. But, in the remake, both Jill and Carlos are expected to have separate roles and can go to new places. According to Capcom, the Resident Evil 3 remake will not follow the source material as closely as it did with Resident Evil 2 remake.

Resident Evil 3 remake is scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on April 3. The game will also include an online co-op game called Resident Evil: Resistance.

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