New Rainbow Six Siege YouTube Series Follows The Best Pro-League Teams

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A new Rainbow Six Siege YouTube series titled "Escalation" premieres Friday, Jan.26.
A new Rainbow Six Siege YouTube series titled "Escalation" premieres Friday, Jan.26. Ubisoft

The latest Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcement delivers some sweeping changes to the game—nerfs have taken player favorites down a notch while select ops are refreshed with welcomed buffs (read the patch notes for all the changes to Ela, Ash, Twitch, Capitao, Lesion, and more). The beauty and the ugliness of Rainbow Six Siege is its rapidly evolving gameplay. Not only are old operators tweaked almost as often as new maps and operators are introduced, but pro-level players continue to reinvent the meta with new strategies to win the game.

Rainbow Six esports is still going strong as the upcoming Six Invitational pro-league tournament will invite 16 of the best teams in Rainbow Six Siege to the main stage in Montreal, where they will compete over a prize pool worth $500,000. It’s the biggest Siege competition of the year and these elite teams literally spend all year to train and prepare for it. Ubisoft has announced a brand-new YouTube series, titled Escalation, that will take fans to the heart of the esports action.

The Escalation series features North American team Evil Geniuses, French team Supremacy, Brazil’s Team Liquid, as well as Pro League shoutcasters Meligeni and Kixstar through four episodes of nail-biting Siege action. The first episode, “Stay On Top,” will discuss the game’s evolutive meta and what it takes to stay on the bleeding edge of the curve. Episode two is “Breach the Fortress,” which examines the nuances of destructible environments of every map. Episode three is “Gear Up,” which takes a step back to show us how teams prepare for competition and practice as a whole. Finally, episode four showcases technicality and skill. While any party of gamers can apply a meta, the superhuman twitch reactions is what separates pro-gamers from the rest of us.

The Rainbow Six: Siege series Escalation will kick off its first episode on Friday, Jan. 26. Meanwhile, the Six Invitational tournament begins Feb. 13. Will you catch the Invitationals as well as the brand-new Siege YouTube series? Let us know in the comment section below.

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